The NPCs are whom you sell your buds, edibles and oils to in the game to get cash, items for upgrades, and experience. On average you will have 3 deals with each NPC every time you level up.

Some of the NPCs of the game are:

-Your Brother

He has the house across from your first greenhouse. He provides the story line and will give you quests that are essential to gaining experience for leveling up.

- Handy Mandy

She upgrades things in her garage. Green eyes, blonde hair and she holds a pipe wrench. She only upgrades one thing at a time so be prepared to wait and don't fill up your shed to quickly with items you're not ready to have her use.


He's one of your first customers and wants the basics.

-Cousin Kim

She lives in the trailer park and mainly wants edibles.

-Bobby Bad Seed

He hangs out around the metro tracks, is the brother of the cop, and wants a mix of edibles and oils.

-The "Duke of Herb"

He hangs out at the cafe and wants all kinds of regular strains, edibles and oils.

-Mayor's Aide

He is in front of city hall and will give you blue prints to upgrade buildings, license to operate and license to renovate. He will ask for all kinds of strains and oils. He will also want some of your epic strains so get ready to hold onto some of those.

-Rasta Guy

He stands to the right of the circus tent. He stops asking for things somewhere around level 35 to 40. Not sure why but they let him kinda fall off of the story line.

-Herb and Bernie

They are on the right side of the cannabis factory and want all kinds of regular strains.


He's the one who wants only "Hempire Cup" strains. His demand per level grows as you do (wants 10 deals at level 50).

-The Cop

She doesn't deal, only helps continue the story line.


Owns the house where you make chocolate, cannaflour, weed butter, marshmellow, honey and milk.

-The Professor

He runs the lab for a while and then they drop him from the story line.

-Pawn Shop Guy

He runs the pawn shop and gives you your daily bonus spin.

There is one more NPC that is in the pictures but I can't identify on my version (Amazon Kindle, Nov-2018, v1.118.1) I think he may have something to do with the cafe but I can't enter the Cafe Community Forum on my game. Feel free to delete this message when someone adds the character info.